Can a Lease Price be Negotiated Lower than MSRP?

A lease price is quite often negotiated lower than the MSRP. The lease price, which in technical leasing terms is known as the “selling price” or “gross capitalized cost,” is used to come up with the monthly car lease payment. The lower the selling price of a car, the lower the monthly car lease payment. Therefore, it is in the best interest of people interested in leasing a car to negotiate the selling price of the car to bring it as low as possible.

If the dealer offers you a lease deal that uses the MSRP as the selling price, you have not necessarily received a good deal. Most good lease deals use selling prices that are significantly lower than the MSRP. Prior to visiting a dealership, you should look up invoice prices for the cars that you are interested in leasing. Invoice prices are the prices that dealers pay the manufacturers in order to buy their cars. The selling price of a car lease deal should be as close to the invoice price as possible in order for it to be considered a good lease deal. In some cases, the selling price is even lower than the invoice price.