3 Perfect Times For Going to The Dealership to Lease a Car

If you’re looking to get the best deal possible on your next car lease, you should know that when you lease significantly influences the quality of the deal. Believe it or not, going to the dealership at 7:30 in the evening as opposed to 7:30 in the morning can make a difference. The time and day when you visit the dealership are crucial to getting the best deal possible. What follows are 3 different times when going to the dealership would be a smart idea.

  1. Go to the dealership 15 minutes before they close. Google the name of the dealership you are going to and find out exactly when they are going to close that night. Going there so late doesn’t mean they won’t give you the same level of service than if you were to go there earlier. Just make sure you act like a serious buyer. The salesmen and managers are generally eager to go home at this time, which means they are more likely to give in to your negotiation. To make things even better, go to the dealership 15 minutes before they close on a weekend. Try to tie this in with the leasing strategy found here.
  2. Go to the dealership on a rainy day. Seriously, who goes to a car dealership on a rainy day? Not too many people (if any) would prefer to test drive a car when it’s pouring down. What this means for you is that just by going to the dealership on a rainy day, you will come across as a very serious buyer, which always works to your advantage. Rainy days are also very slow days for dealerships. They are desperate for your business.
  3. Go to the dealership on a slow day. How can you tell when the dealership is having a slow day? You can tell it’s a slow day when you see a bunch of salesmen standing in front of the car lot looking for customers walking or driving in. You’ll see them literally looking at every car driving by their dealership, hoping that the next car will come inside to buy a car.