How I Leased a Toyota Camry LE For Just $200.00 After Taxes

Leasing a new car has a lot to do with persistence and refusing to give in to what the dealer is offering you. You’re bound to succeed in getting a good deal on a leased car if you remain persistent in your negotiations and if you remind yourself that you do not have to sign a deal at the first dealership you go to. Always keep this in mind! You should always visit multiple dealerships to get a more accurate understanding of how little it is possible to pay for a lease deal. Be sure to give yourself an ample amount of time to visit multiple dealerships.

Several months ago, I leased a 2010 Camry LE for $200.00 after taxes when the special nationwide lease deal offered the Camry for $199 per month before taxes. This would work out to roughly $218.40 in the county of Los Angeles. By visiting just a few dealerships I was able to save $662.40 over the 36 month term of the lease. Now the question is how did I do it? Here’s how:

I came across as a serious buyer. This is arguably the most important point of all. Salesmen do not like to have their time wasted. For this reason, you have to always make it seem like you will seriously sign the lease agreement now if the salesman is willing to give you the deal you’re looking for. Then, you can choose to sign the agreement or incorporate my leasing strategy which can be found here.

Check out a screenshot of this lease deal.