Best First Car for a Guy

Are you a guy who is looking for the best first car? Well, if you’re a guy looking for the best first car, you are probably a young driver in his late teens who recently obtained his driver license. So you’re most likely looking for a car that is inexpensive, but still attractive and sporty. Your goal should be to find a car that is reliable, low-maintenance, inexpensive, fuel efficient, and safe. Of course, just because a car is reliable or inexpensive does not mean you’ll have to give up on the sporty design. There are plenty of reliable and inexpensive vehicles out there that don’t disappoint when it comes to looks. So let us take a look at a few cars that can honestly be considered the best first cars for guys.

Honda Accord
Whether it’s the Accord Sedan or the Accord Coupe, both have quite attractive, modern day designs with excellent gas mileages. If you were to lease or finance an Accord for a few years, you most likely will have little or no maintenance headaches. One of the few things you will have to do with regards to maintenance is to get an oil change every few thousand miles. The value of an Accord also doesn’t depreciate as fast as other cars, which means you can get a great resale value. Choose the Accord as your first car and you’ll end up with a fun, sporty, and reliable car that is actually quite fun to drive.

Toyota Camry
While the engines in the Accord are generally more powerful than that of the Camry, the Camry is still a great alternative to the Accord if you’re choosing between the two. Actually, one of the great features of the Camry which is not available on the Accord is the Multimode Transmission. This is a type of automatic transmission that gives you the look and feel of a traditional manual transmission, which makes your driving experience quite a bit more exhilarating.

Honda Civic
If you’re interested in the Accord, but you find it a bit pricey for your first car, you may want to consider the Civic as a cheaper alternative. The base Civic model runs around $16,000, and you can most definitely lease one for around $200 per month. The car may not have all the same features as the Accord, but it does provide a similar level of reliability and a slightly higher gas mileage.

Toyota Corolla
The Corolla has been for many years, one of the least expensive cars that is still quite reliable and safe. While you may not be able to accelerate as fast as you can with the Accord or the Camry, the Corolla offers a great deal of peace of mind for someone who is looking to purchase his first car.

So there you have it – four inexpensive, reliable, and fuel-efficient vehicles that guys can choose as their first car. All of the cars listed above provide a great deal of peace of mind, because they rarely break down and require very little maintenance. Cheers!